Our beloved Murshid Hadhrat Moulana Dr Tanveer Ahmed Khan Sahib has passed away, (Allah Ta’alas mercy be upon Him)

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

” Verily we belong to Allah and unto Allah is our return”

Hadhrat r.a. traveled to Islamabad from Karachi on 03/11/12, shortly after arriving He took ill and was admitted into Hospital, thereafter being transferred into the intensive care unit, and Hazrat r.a. parted from this lowly abode approximately 20:15 wednesday 07/11/12

Allah Ta’ala accept Hazrat r.a. Life’s service, overlook what little he may have faltered and raise Him amongst the Muqarrabeen.

Deep sighs as we are much grieved by this parting.

Ishq ka dil kusha chamun,
Husn ka khusnuma chamun,
Sar se hai tab paa chamun,
Ye meyri shayari nahin.

Khwajah sahib (ra)

“His Ma’rifath, His love for Allah swt, his Wilayah, His adherence to Shariah and Sunnah – it was all like an ever blossoming garden that never saw any deterioration. From head to toe He was a beautiful garden of Sunnah and Shariah. These are not just some words of poetry but it is reality, he really was like that”


Allah Ta’ala grant us all Tawfeeq to stay firm upon true guidance and that the efforts of our Murshid r.a. are continually valued and acted upon.

Duaas for Hadhrat’s r.a. Family and those associated.